We have created 3D Renderings and Animations for many unique projects and few examples are; swimming pools, gyms, hotels, restaurants, bars, aeroplanes, boats, ski resorts, libraries, medical centres, universities, hospitals, playgrounds, play equipment, stadiums, schools, prisons, carparks, building techniques, shipping containers, machinery, police and emergency services.


Many unique projects don’t always have a complete set of plans for us to model from however this is not an issue for our team. We have an experienced team of architects and designers who are capable of interpreting your concepts and visualising your special project.


At BASE3D, we aim to include as many of the smaller details as we can, examples of this include materials, textures, specific details such as water, steel, equipment. The more information you can provide the better however our team has the ability to interpret space and suggest detail when information is missing.


Special Projects often have a story to explain to the viewer. Take a hospital for example, there are waiting rooms, a reception, consulting rooms, private and shared rooms, emergency, operating rooms, rehabilitation rooms, radiology, pathology and so on. We can show these spaces individually through Cut Throughs 3D renders or as typical 3D renderings, we can also show these spaces as a whole by connecting them in a 3D Animation. The 3D Animation pathway will tell a story to all stakeholders and excite the view into engaging further with the project.

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Our team have many years of experience in 3D modelling and if specific machinery is required, we can model so that the look is as accurate as possible. Branded gym equipment, medical and mining machinery are technical and if modelled in 3D renderings and animations it will give the viewer an immersive experience with your marketing.

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Create 3D renderings showing the unique spaces with any equipment in-situ. Show as many spaces as possible and if possible, create an Animation to take viewers through all the main areas for an immersive experience.

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Make your project come to life. Talk to BASE3D today for quality Special Project visualisations.

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