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3D Floor Plans


3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans show plans in scale with all materials, textures and 3D modelling effects of the home or apartment. Walls, windows, furniture vehicles and landscaping are shown with rendered lighting and shadow perspective, a true immersive experience to floor plans.

3D Floor Plates

With the same 3D effects as 3D Floor Plans, the plans are extended to include neighbouring apartments and units in projects. Handy for showing relationships between residences.

3D Site Plans

3D Site Plans are ideal for unique sites such as Industrial, Educations, Child Care, Medical. Residential projects with lot subdivision or significant open areas benefit this detailed style of presentation.

3D Floor Plans Give Perspective

Layouts with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces are presented well via 3D Floor Plans. Perspective is gained by viewing the plan with a dolls house style view. Bathroom vanities can be seen with basins, taps, lighting and refections. The scale of the Kitchen can be seen with cooktops, island benches, pantry and fridge. Bedrooms and Living spaces have integration with windows and doors. Joinery and bedside tables can also help put perspective to scale. An immersive way to appreciate the new space.

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3D Plans Help

Not everyone has the confidence to read typical floor plans presented by architects. Lines, measurements and elements are daunting for many. 3D perspective helps those who may struggle to feel confident with the layout being presented. Rooms, floor coverings, spacial activation with furnishings all presented with consistent lighting and shadow effect allow anyone viewing gain the confidence to appreciate the plans on offer.

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How do we make 3D Floor Plans

The way to create a 3D Floor Plan is similar to that of creating a 3D rendering. The difference to the first stage of a rendering to 3D plan is that the entire apartment or house interior is modelled in 3D and not just the space in front of the camera. At this stage the modelled elements are proofed with the architect, developer and interior designer. Vanity and joinery details are refined and fittings such as toilets, tap ware are then modelled in for greater accuracy. Furniture and accessories are also then added to the space for a complete presentation. Once approved the materials are then added to the surface of modelled elements. Such as stone grain to bench tops, timber species to flooring, paint colours to walls colours to furniture. Once completed the space is rendered with a select time and direction of the sun.

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