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3D Floor Plans

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Presenting units, apartments, houses with 3D Floor Plans is the ultimate immersive experience for a properties potential owner. Spacial context, flow between rooms and material selection take lifelike form.


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3D Floor Plans let you imagine yourself in the space

The beauty of 3D floor plans is they let you picture yourself in any building, whether it’s an apartment, a multi-storey home, or an office complex. You can see every level simultaneously from multiple angles and zoom in to create an in-depth, lifelike experience of walking through the property. These floor plans not only appeal to investors they also help property buyers envision themselves in the space and gain the confidence to move forward with a purchase.

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Who Uses 3D Rendering?

Interactive 3D floor plans appeal to people throughout every phase of property development. Our clients who favour 3D rendering include:

  • Developers seeking investors
  • Architects
  • Builders and tradespeople
  • Interior designers
  • Real estate agents
  • Advertising and marketing professionals for the above

Investing in 3D rendering at the start of your project pays off because the renders are so invaluable at every step of the way to turning your ideas into profits. If you’ve worked with 3D blueprints before, you’ll understand how helpful the multidimensional effect is. It’s even more immersive than 3D schematics because you get a bird’s-eye view.

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2D Versus 3D Plans: Each Serves a Purpose

You’re probably familiar with more traditional 2D floor plans.  These have their place in projects too. It’s been our experience that these are ideal for the very early stages of development of for when there are large numbers of units and apartments. Two-dimensional plans are are great when comparing slight differences between comparable properties and are more cost effective than the their 3D counterparts. They’re also easier to insert in some types of advertising and marketing, particularly print media.

3D floor plans are perfect for bringing the project to life. When you can see an architect’s model type of layout of the entire building from any angle, you better understand proportion, ceiling height, and room flow, as well as floor-to-floor relationships when applicable. You can even add furnishings and other details for more realism. 

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BASE3D Creates Your High-Quality Floor Plans Fast

When you have a project to develop and require pre sales, time is money. That’s why BASE3D works fast to create your 3D floor plans. We review your specs, clarify any questions, and deliver quality floor plans in a usable format all within a super short window of time for you. Our experienced artists and renderers exceed expectations on every job for our clients with photorealistic 3D floor plans that wow again and again. We want you to achieve your pre sales goals so that we can be there to help you on your next project. 

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We Offer Rendering Services for Every Phase of Your Project

As well as 3D floor plans, BASE3D provides a range of 3D rendering services that cover the entire industry of property development. Our 3D renders are often the first visual that people will see of the project and we understand that’s why they need to look great. We render every detail possible into materials, textures, lighting even modelling 3D planting in to help give project renders a photo realistic lifelike look.

Our 3D render are passed between agents, buyers, developers, architects and even families of purchasers so the first impression they can give counts.

Find out how using 3D floor plans can take your project to another level and even what 3D renders will suit your project. Ring BASE3D on 1300 863 989, or get in touch online for a quick quote today.

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