Commercial offices are typically fitted out to suit the inbound tenant. They would have an interior architect or designer create private offices, meeting areas, partitions, common areas, kitchenettes, break out zones to suit each business. Should a plan be available to work from we are able to model and render the exact look that the designer has indented. If no information is available, we will help by creating this look for you. Our library and design team are capable of creating a look for the leasing or sales campaign.


Commercial offices need style. Fresh colours, designer foyers, modern workstations. The latest in computing and modern people are also an inspirational way to sell floorspace. It’s also just as important to style with indoor plans to help soften the hard repetitive surfaces. Our team are able to create the latest look for spaces.


Most commercial buildings have views across cities or domestic sprawl. Provide us with the view photos or we will arrange one of our photographers to take images from the site. Alternatively we can create a mock view showing the indicative skyline.


Home facades are striking from a front on angle and are also able to tell a story from the side. We create interior angles from all the key spaces, including kitchen, living, bathrooms, bedrooms, alfresco. We can craft an immersive experience of your home from all the angles.

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Commercial fit-outs have changed and the importance of engaging with an organisations stake holders is the challenge of a developer or marketing agent to sign on a long term lease. Our animations take views through large spaces. They are perfect for projects with multiple tenancies, commercial towers, and mixed use spaces.

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Create and 3D Animation and use it for presentations to prospective tenants. We can customise the look of entries, branding and colours to suit select organisations or style of tenancies. Interior renders are also a must to show people what the space will look like fully fitted out.

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Make your project come to life. Talk to BASE3D today for quality Commercial Offices visualisations.

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