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2D Floor Plans

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Two-dimensional floor plans are essential for many stages of project development. They offer quick information for investors, contractors, real estate professionals, and buyers about the property layout, and allow easy comparison between similar but slightly different units in one property or complex. There is an industry expectation both with real estate agents and buyers alike that listings are not complete unless presented with a 2D floor plan.


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How 2D Floor Plans Accelerate Your Project

When you want to give the timeline for your project a boost, 2D floor plans are the ideal solution. They can be drawn up with relative speed and inserted into multiple advertising and marketing documents with ease. Whether you’re seeking financial backers, end purchasers, and the like for your project, they want to see what they’re getting.

Our 2D floor plans make it simple to see the layout of properties, and we can add the level of detail you’re ready to share from our library of symbols and images. Investors can envision how the plans for the property will become a reality, whilst buyers can imagine themselves living there and even calculate where their furnishings will be placed from the comfort of their own sofa.

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Use 2D Plans in Early Development Stages

BASE3D also provides 3D floor planning services, and you may be wondering which is the right choice for your project. We recommend 2D floor plans for two scenarios in particular. First, during the early stages of a project, two-dimensional plans are the easiest to generate and alter if details of the property change.

Virtually anyone can instantly view a 2D plan and understand the layout, in this instance the purchaser can see not only the floor plan layout with furnishings but also their car allocation in the carpark. It’s also a great way for investors or home owners understand quickly when there are multiple units of different configurations involved.

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Potential Property Buyers Benefit from 2D Floor Plans

Additionally, 2D floor plans are perfect for real estate listings, whether a property is in the planning stages or has already been constructed. Buyers are familiar with 2D plans and expect them when comparing listings. Two-dimensional plans are great for connecting photos or 3D images with how the property will feel walking through it, so buyers get a sense of flow and dimensions. Our 2D plans are coloured, black and white or monotone colour. They are cleaned up versions of the architectural CAD drawings, which for the average customer are too difficult to decipher.

Because of their two-dimensional nature, 2D renderings are easy to add to any document, in print or online. This makes them a highly cost-effective way of showcasing the property on offer.

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Why Use BASE3D for Your 2D Floor Plans?

Our team are all architecturally qualified and provide an exemplary detailed service. We start by reviewing the project plans and scheduled materials and inclusions. These plans are normally issued to us as PDF, CAD, REVIT, SKETCHUP, 3DS, DWG, FBX, OBJ, EXCEL, JPG and any other plan formats which you may have.

We clean up plans and create a base for adding materials, furniture, landscaping, floor finishing, vehicles, appliances, rubbish bins, driveways, door openings, clothing in wardrobes. Then we option whether you wish for labels such as room names and measurements, scales and logos. Our plans can follow a design style or we can suggest a look that you may prefer. The final plans we produce are in high resolution so that you can print them as wallpaper in display suites or hand out as pamphlets and then downsize for the online marketing websites. We deliver multiple plans for the same project quickly. 

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Residential & Commercial Projects benefit from 2D Floor Plans

BASE3D offers individual apartment and unit floor plans, house floor plans, floor plates, site plans, landscape plans, way finding plans, indicative layout plans, master plans, retail plans, restaurant plans, commercial office space plans, furniture plans, work station plans, school floor plans, gymnasium floor plans, child care centre floor plans, hospital and medical floor plans, dentistry floor plans, warehouse floor plans, shopping centre floor plans, convenience store floor plans, hotel and nursing home floor plans. As well as our 2D floor plans, we also create these spaces in 3D floor plans and 3D renders, 3D animations, 3D photo montages. Each project is unique be sure to give us a call for a chat about yours. 1300 863 989 or email the studio on studio@base3d.com.au


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