3D Rendering Helping Design

Commercial spaces are opportunities for purpose driven businesses. When a tenancy expires and a business moves on typically the space becomes and unattractive version of its former days. Materials, joinery and layouts are more suited to the departing business and often a distraction to the inbound tenant. 3D Rendering is a way of resetting the existing structure and presenting it to the potential tenant in its best light. The photorealistic 3D perspective shows custom joinery, layouts, branding and detail which is specific to the new business. It allows directors and designers the opportunity to visualise and emotionally attach themselves to the potential the space may offer.

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Commercial 3D Rendering Is Ideal for Leasing or Selling Spaces

Commercial office spaces are often leased prior the completion of the new build. Working from the plans the Real Estate agents have a hard time exciting the potential tenant. Passing the plans over to BASE3D is a smart way to present a quality product to the stakeholders and decision makers. Work stations, boardrooms, break out areas, can all be seen in a design treatment suited to the future tenant.

BASE3D works alongside leading commercial agents and developers to help realise spaces and assist in committing tenancy agreements.

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Who Uses 3D Renders for Property Development?

Three-dimensional commercial rendering is used by many different types of property development professionals in the course of creating new buildings and complexes. Our clients for commercial rendering include:

  • Municipal Governments and City Planners
  • Property Developers and Financiers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Architects, Contractors and Builders
  • Property Developers
  • Property Owners
  • Retail Tenants
  • Medical, Sporting and Education


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Unique Commercial Spaces in 3D

There are so many different commercial spaces.

BASE3D creates detailed 3D photorealistic renders for some the following spaces:

Gym, Yoga, Spa, Health, Hospitals, Dental, Butcher, Baker, Cafe, Restaurant, Clothing, Fashion, Office, Retail FMCG, Automotive, Pop-Up, Furniture, Shopping Centres, Day Care, Schools, Library, Stadiums, Transport, Airport, Mining, there are many more spaces which we’ve created 3D renders for  and we love a challenge.  Send your plans and a unique brief and we’ll interpret the future with you.

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Office Fit Outs

Commercial office spaces are often briefed with a floor plan, workstation references and a material schedule. BASE3D design team then activate the space by building out the ‘to scale’ view of the new tenancy.

Business directors use the 3D renders of the commercial fit outs to excite new and existing staff members as well as attract and build new commercial relationships.

A great value proposition in commercial communication.

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