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3D scale models are critical for helping architects, their teams, construction crews and their clients all visualise the finished product. A high-quality 3D scale model makes it possible to capture the buildings entire virtual design while scaling it down to be small enough to easily transport or display throughout the planning and construction process.

What are 3D Scale Models?

A 3D scale model is a small 3D version of the project. It acts like an exact copy of the project, but it’s scaled down to a fraction of the size. However, the 3D scale model will still retain all of the design elements of the original drawing. You’ll see exterior features like windows, doors, balconies and roofs. It may also feature landscaping.

The interior of the 3D scale model features the floor plan. You’ll see things like rooms, doorways and it can be furnished or unfurnished. The idea behind scale models is to give your team and your client a physical representation of the finished project well before the construction crews complete it.

You may even see 3D scale models built before the construction process begins because they’re excellent tools to help sell the construction project to potential stakeholders or to your local councils for approval and funding.

Common Uses for 3D Scale Models

3D scale models have a long history in the construction and architecture industries. The uses have evolved as the models get more sophisticated, but several common uses for 3D scale models include:

  • Pitching the Project – Depending on where you plan to build, you’ll most likely need approval from a city, town or local council. These 3D scale models give you something tangible to take into your meeting to pitch your project. Your council or potential stakeholders will be able to see and touch the project, and this is more engaging than flat drawings.
  • Project Guide – Your building crew or project managers who oversee your project can use a 3D scale model as a building guide. It’s an excellent reference point to keep everyone on track and working with the correct angles and dimensions.
  • Communication Tool– It can be difficult for architects and building crews to communicate effectively with their clients. They can all look at this 3D scale model an ensure that the design aligns with what the client wants and needs.
  • Spatial Concepts – You want to know how the new building is going to look with the surrounding structures. Building a 3D scale model that shows the new building with the present building gives you a good idea of any spatial challenges or concepts.

The Benefits of 3D Scale Models

Both clients and the companies they work with can benefit from having 3D scale models built of their projects. If you don’t normally use 3D scale models, you may want to consider the following benefits:

1. Improved Visual Perspective

2D drawings, digital 3D models and blueprints can only give you so much visual perspective, and it can leave a lot to chance. When you build, this can be a costly mistake. A physical representation of the finished product gives you an improved visual perspective. Not only will be you be able to see all around your project, but you’ll be able to look at it from new angles.

2. Showcase Past Work

Once you complete a project, the leftover 3D scale model can make a stunning display piece. It’s also an excellent way to show potential clients examples of your previous work. They’ll be able to fully appreciate what your company is capable of accomplishing, and they may not be able to do this with traditional 2D drawings or 3D renderings.

3. Marketing and Sales

For property development companies or real estate agents, 3D scale models can be invaluable. They can show potential home buyers or tenants what their immediate neighbourhood will look like when the construction project finishes. They can showcase homes, parks, retail outlets, apartment spaces and office space.

4. Fundraising

If you’re trying to attract a crowd of sponsors or shareholders for your property development venture, 3D scale models are an excellent opportunity to do so. You can put your model on display during your presentation, at fundraising events or during the project to help raise awareness for the new building.

5. Accuracy

The last thing you want is a finished or almost finished building that isn’t structurally sound. People can make mistakes, and these mistakes can easily set a project back by weeks or months. A 3D scale model allows the designers to check for inaccuracies and correct them before it becomes a huge problem.

The Base3D Difference

You may wonder what sets Base3D apart. Simply put, it’s our experience, can-do attitudes and our dedication to going above and beyond for our clients. We understand how vital 3D scale models are for both large and small projects, and we work hard to deliver accurate models in a timely fashion.

Since we have offices in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and in the United States, we make it easy for our clients to reach us all over the world. We bring decades of industry experience to each job we take on, and we’ve worked with a broad range of clients including property developers, home builders, architects, real estate agents and more.

This is the Base3D difference.

Recent 3D Scale Model Projects

At Base3D, we have a large portfolio with an extensive range of 3D scale model projects. These projects include:

  • Sky Vue in Castle Hill
  • West Wickham in Newcastle
  • Alfred Street in Melbourne
  • Cascades Display Suit in Pymble
  • New Canterbury Road in Petersham
  • Vincent’s Private Hospital in Darlinghurst and more!

Contact Base3D for Your 3D Scale Models Today!

No matter how large or small your project is, we want to create a 3D scale model for you! Our friendly and professional staff are ready to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. You can give us a call on 1300 136 139, or submit your CAD or PDF drawings via our easy online form.

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